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Burials on the Web

With just part of a name you can find someone in the cemetery. Many of our burials have images. Take a look.

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Image Map Name Date of Death
Arnal, Emma June 08/08/1980
Artman, Patricia 12/20/2000
Ashby, Janet R 10/20/2021
Ashby, Leslie E. 10/21/2019
Aureier, Irene Roseland 00/00/0000
Avalon, Alice 04/19/2004
Avalon, William 07/04/2018
Avery, Alanson C 12/10/1844
Avery, Caroline 00/00/0000
Avery, Corinna 00/00/0000
Avery, Frances H 00/00/1914
Avery, George 12/25/1864
Avery, Jane L 00/00/0000
Avery, John H 11/14/1946
Avery, Nellie 12/25/1864
Avery, Reuben 00/00/0000
Avery, Reuben N 00/00/1912
Avery, Willis L 00/00/1947
Avila, Juanita N 11/18/1997
Avila, Ricardo N 05/15/2017
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