Aurora Cemetery - Aurora, OH
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Cemetery: Aurora Cemetery
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Abbott, Charlotte 11/22/1988
Adams, Louise P 04/03/1992
Adams, Thomas Remington 06/11/1976
Adler, Robert Alan 08/19/1980
Admire, Lena & Baby Boy 00/00/0000
Admire, Thomas J 00/00/0000
Adrion, Ann Marie 05/27/1991
Adrion, Anna 10/16/1952
Adrion, Herman 04/23/1902
Adrion, John 01/23/1936
Adrion, William 12/19/1937
Akers, David M 00/00/1951
Akers, Mabel E 00/00/1942
Aldhizer, Isabella 02/19/2005
Aldhizer, William Franklin 11/10/1998
Aldrich, Addis 00/00/1914
Aldrich, Helen C 00/00/1946
Aldrich, Herbert H 03/11/1948
Aldrich, Louise D 12/25/1987
Aldrich, Mary 00/00/1937