Aurora Cemetery - Aurora, OH
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Cemetery: Aurora Cemetery
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Aldrich, Pauline C 03/21/1975
Aldrich, Ralph 04/01/1984
Aldrich, William H 10/11/1929
Allen, Alfred A 01/24/1985
Allen, Helen Mary 08/08/1998
Allen, Roland B 05/09/1993
Allen, Thelma 05/06/2008
Allen, William J 11/12/1999
Altman, DeWayne 07/14/2001
Amweg, Charlotte Kline 05/18/2002
Anders, Wilbur A. 12/15/2007
Anderson, Axel 09/19/1967
Anderson, Camilla J 07/13/1982
Anderson, Erma H 07/27/1992
Anderson, Mary 00/00/1905
Anderson, Neal James 12/07/1992
Anderson, William 11/26/1950
Arbuckle, Donald B 01/28/2016
Arbuckle, Ted Allen 05/22/1992
Arnal, August C 02/26/1981
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